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"Man Tale/Won't Let Go"

2018 Mar 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Label bosses Paul McGuinness (Dogstare) and Aleksandra Kotlewska (Olaa) serve up one track apiece

Dance music comes in so many styles these days, it's often difficult to even fit it into a genre. This release contains two such tracks.

First up we have Dogstare's Man Tale, an instrumental track that starts with a kick, hi-hat and some other percussion hits, then brings in a whooshing noise and a distinctly odd little synth riff. The bass eventually kicks in and gives it a solid backbeat while the synth sounds wash over your senses. There's a breakdown with just the bass and percussion, then in comes a nagging acidic line that isn't quite distorted but is decidely rough around the edge, adding great texture to the track. The track then continues in this fashion until the second breakdown, after which it starts to slowly deconstruct itself.

The second track, Won’t Let Go, comes from Olaa and starts with a thudding kick before bringing in other percussive elements including a cow bell and snare hits. These are then joined by a synth riff, and then another, arpeggiated one which is used in a breakdown. As it comes out of the breakdown, there's a new chord sequence which is light and airy and gives the track presence, and adds another layer to this intriguing release.

I am happy to say that these tunes sound like nothing else I’ve heard! My favourite is Won’t Let Go: it's a shame that more people don’t take risks like this, as the result is a thing of wonder.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 February



Review Score: 7




Tags: Dogstare, Olaa, No Monsters Music