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Doctor's Orders reveal NYE line-ups

London's hip-hop lovers can see in 2016 in style

2015 Nov 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Two separate events have you covered whether you're a bling-bling ghetto superstar or a leftfield type

London hip-hop party crew have not one but two big events going on this New Year's Eve – and the two couldn't be much more different.

In the red corner, we have Hip-Hop Vs RnB, a night where it's probably fair to say the clue's in the name! Taking place at Birthdays in Stoke Newington, this one's headlined by Shortee Blitz, supported by Kiss FM's DJ Swerve, CWD (License To Trill) and Matman (Droppin' Science), plus Doctor's Orders' own Mr Thing and Russ Ryan. There's one room for hip-hop and a second for R&B, it's open 9pm-5am and tickets start at £15 for the Super Early Bird special (so get on the case now).

Meanwhile over in the blue corner, far more underground vibes are the order of the night at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Here, the simply titled Doctor's Orders New Year's Eve is headlined by The Nextmen in the main room, supported by DJ Vadim and Doctor's Orders mainstays Spin Doctor and Mo Fingaz. “Anything and everything from hip-hop to disco, reggae to house” is promised here, while in the second room it's hip-hop and funk all the way courtesy of DJ Format and the Wah Wah 45s crew. Again, Super Early Bird tickets start at just £15.

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