2018 May 06     
2 Bit Thugs

For this EP he's got buddies Tripmastaz and Blakkat in tow, while Pirate Copy takes care of remix duties

Manchester's Kaluki Music welcome house legend DJ Sneak to their label, and sweeten the pie by adding a remix by their very own Pirate Copy. Sneak is one of the last few decades’ most innovative figures in dance music. and here he teams up with regular collaborator Tripmastaz and fellow US producer Blakkat.

The first track is produced with Russia’s Tripmastaz, and is called Hustin’ For House. It starts with a cacophony of rhythmic sounds, then adds a snare, some well thought-out vocal samples and a healthy dose of sub-bass, along with a snaking lead-line, making for a real dancefloor destroyer. Next up is the deeper Guttah Bucket by Sneak & Blakkat, which starts with a light percussive intro, then adds a mammoth kick and a funky jackin’ bassline. There are odd vocal samples, intricate drum work and lots of synth wizardry in play, and again it sounds great. Finally you have Pirate Copy’s remix of Hustlin’ For House, which starts with a kick, hi-hat and clap, then brings in the vocal samples before adding a minimal bassline. The drum programming gets more complicated as it progresses and the track overall has a healthy tech-house sound, with one-note string lines and synth stabs to keep the tension up.

This is an accomplished release, with all three of the tracks being strong enough to be the traditional A-side. I will happily play all three out over the coming months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 4 May


Review Score: 8




Tags: DJ Sneak, Kaluki Music, Tripmastaz, Blakkat, Pirate Copy, house