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DJ Patife

Picks his all-time Brazilian D&B Top 5

2017 Sep 04     
2 Bit Thugs

If you like these, there's plenty more D&B goodness to be found on 'Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions'

Somewhere around the turn of the millennium, DJ Patife, DJ Marky and XRS emerged as the leading lights of a Brazilian drum & bass scene whose very existence, as we recall, pretty much took the rest of the world by surprise at the time. Nearly 20 years on, they still sit firmly at the very top of the Brazilian D&B tree (even if Patife did take a few years out, around the turn of the current decade, to concentrate on being a Dad).

But you knew that. What you might not know, is that Patife has just put together an album of some of the finest drum & bass coming out of Brazil right now. It's a project he's worked on in association with Italian D&B festival SUNANDBASS, and the resulting 18-track compilation dropped just over a week ago on V Recordings, packed full of the kind of sunny, liquid vibes the Brazilian scene's known for but not shy to dip a toe in darker waters here and there.

And even if you knew that, then what you definitely didn't know (or at least didn't until a minute or two ago) is that Patife has very kindly put together an all-time Brazilian D&B Top 5 to mark the occasion, just for iDJ readers. But he has, so here it is...

1. Max de Castro - Pra Você Lembrar (Carnaval) [DJ Patife Remix] (Trama, 1999)

"This was the first remix I ever did. Early in 2000, I was driving in São Paulo with Fabio and he turned on the MiniDisc player in the car, then this tune got played. He asked me what it was straight away. I was a bit shy to tell him but, after he rewound the tune twice, I felt confident to say what it was. Back in London, Fabio didn't stop playing it on his Radio 1 show for months."

2.. Drumagick - Easy Boom (SambaLoco, 2002)

"The bass brothers Jr Deep and Gui Lopes's Worldwide release on Gilles Peterson's album, and still a banger on the dancefloor now. A really great sample taken from Take It Easy My Brother Charles, a classic song by Jorge Ben from Brazil, has the perfect vibe to take a D&B crowd to Brazil."

3. DJ Marky & XRS feat Stamina MC - LK (V Recordings, 2002)

"I'm glad to say that I was the very first DJ to ever play this out - at BBC Radio 1 live from Movement, Bar Rumba. I dropped it there for the first time and the reaction was amazing. When Marky & XRS finished this tune, it was called Patife's Theme, as it was supposed to be on my second mix CD released in Brazil called Cool Steps, and they couldn't think of a title so they started calling it that. After a while Stamina, who used to work with me, was singing some lyrics on top of that tune, then people were asking what it was... the rest is history! By the way, you can hear my set from that night here."

4. Fernanda Porto - Sambassim [DJ Patife Remix] (V Recordings, 2001)

"Everything would've been totally different if Fernanda hadn't crossed my path. Mid-year 2000 I met her and she also gave me a demo album. I took some time to listen to it but as soon as I heard Sambassim it clicked straight away. I played the remix out for the first time at V Festival 2000 in Reading. DJ Ross Allen, who went on straight after I left the stage, asked me what it was. I managed to give him a copy a few days later and he played on his show, then Gilles Peterson was listening in, got in touch with my management then took us Worldwide. So at this point, The Brasil EP on V Recordings became a real dream!"

5. Esom, Marky & Patife feat Fernanda Porto - Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você (V Recordings, 2001)

"This was one of the best studio experiences I ever had. Marky got a call from the Som Livre label in Brazil to do a remake of a classic Tom Jobim & Aloisio de Oliveira song called Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você. He felt that I had to get involved, then also called Dudu Marote, a pioneer producer in Brazil to jump onboard. It was a year after Sambassim so I thought would be perfect to get Fernanda on it. This tune got played all over Brazilian radio and was a soundatrack for a prime-time soap opera down in Brazil, and also got released as a single on Movement/V Recordings. It features on DJ Marky's Brazilian Job mix CD, too."

Words: Russell Deeks

DJ Patife presents Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions is out now on V Recordings





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