2017 Jul 15     
2 Bit Thugs

There are mixes to suit a range of tastes on this latest offering from Ontario's finest

Whether your tastes incline to deeper or techier house pastures, this latest offering from Canada's FineGrind Audio is well worth checking.

In its original form, From The Beach To Berlin is quite pacey by current standards, with busy, tribalistic percussion, handclaps, parping organ stabs and looping "aah yeah" vox. Think a hitherto seldom-explored hinterland between tech-house and classic New Jersey-style US garage, and you'll get a rough idea! Next up is the Charles Dunbar Remix, which ditches the busy drums in favour of a whomping, whooshy 4/4 kick and a whomping, whooshy bassline to match, making for a mix that'll be best served to an already warmed-up dancefloor either just before or just after the peaktime rush. That's followed by the Manuel Costela 28859 Remix, a deeper pass with a lazy, laidback kinda feel and raw, funk-style drums, while completing the EP is the Oliver Osborne Remix, which offers some Dooms Night-ish squelch, crystal-sharp beats, a meandering bassline and some off-kilter synth doodlings.

For my money the garage-tinged Original and Dunbar's more heads-down pass share top honours, but househeads of many persuasions should be able to find a mix that suits them here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 July


Review Score: 8




Tags: DJ Jace, Dr Ruth, FineGrind Audio, Charles Dunbar, Manuel Costela, Oliver Osborne