2016 Feb 03     
2 Bit Thugs

A slightly less bombastic remix from label boss Stanny Abram and friends is the one to check here

The mid-90s were an exciting time, with a new wave of producers breaking through to join the likes of MAW, Terry, Sanchez and Morales at the top of the house tree. Sneak, Van Helden, Vasquez and Carter have stayed there ever since, but spare a thought too for those that never managed to gain quite the same traction, yet are still very much in the game today.

A case in point: DJ EFX, who first emerged in the late 80s on SF label Megajamm Recordz, who gave us one of tribal's early classics in the form of 1994's Is It Like My Dil-doe? on Strictly Rhythm, and who in more recent times has struck up a relationship with Stanny Abram's family of Eastern European tech-house labels.

This latest offering from the San Fran veteran comes on Marba Records, and in two mixes. EFX's Original is an uncompromising tech-house slammer, with layers of noise giving it a suitably intense, dramatic feel for bigger rooms, while the accompanying remix from Abrams, Wurfel & Knobel tones down the noise in favour of a filtered bass throb and stuttering vocal cut-ups.

Head for the remix first.

Release date: 1 February (Beatport) / 29 February (worldwide)


Review Score: 7




Tags: Stanny Abram, DJ EFX, Marba Records, Wurfel, Knobel, tech house, tech-house