2019 Apr 18     
2 Bit Thugs

If nu-disco isn't your thing, there's a proggier mix on the flip

Something of a family affair, this one, as Italian producer and Quantistic Division label boss Marco Dionigi teams up with Simon Faz and vocalist Dany L, who together own and run Quantistic's parent label Prismatiktone Records, to cover Sash! ft Tina Cousins' 90s pop-trance hit Mysterious Times in a nu-disco style.

The release comes fully loaded with two main mixes and two instrumentals. First up is the Dionigi Disco Mix, which starts off with a fast-paced four-to-the floor drum pattern, then brings in a funky slap bassline and, in the background, the beginnings of a synth riff. As the riff begins to evolve it's joined by ethereal pad sounds, setting up a tasty nu-disco backbeat to which are added the dulcet tones of singer Dany L who covers the original track in fine style and breathes new life into it. 

The Simon Faz Pleiadian Mix then takes the track in a more progressive direction, which works nicely – it's not a full-on prog affair, it just has leanings. It begins with a soaring synth riff over tight percussion, with the vocal only coming in after two minutes and taking you to a breakdown where an acid riff is added, sounding well tasty with just the chords of the track played on a synth in the background, until the odd line from the track is added along with swirling sounds that sound great cranked up. 

The two instrumentals are self-explanatory, and will be useful DJ tools, but for me it's all about the two vocal mixes, with the Dionigi Disco Mix my pick of the two.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 April


Review Score: 7




Tags: Marco Dionigi, Simon Faz, Dany L, Quantistic Division, Prismatiktone Records