2019 Oct 08     
2 Bit Thugs

The former Phunk Investigation man serves up two originals, Emanuele Millozzi & Luke di Lullo take care of remix duties

What we have here is Italian veteran Dino Maggiorana's first EP for UK label Silent Storm, which features two original productions plus a remix of the title track.

First up in this techno trio is To The Beat, a strong, gritty opener that sounds great at high volumes. It starts with a thudding kick and the main synth hook, then builds with a long snare roll and the arrival of the vocal, a male voice intoning the title which is applied sparingly throughout. It's a dark, invigorating cut with a simple bassline and pounding percussion, and is all built around the main synth riff, which has a distinctly old school rave feel. 

Next up Bassline Riddim itself, a dark behemoth with an acidic feel enforced by a growling main synth riff, spacey sounds and mechanical percussion. It certainly locks you into its groove and is one of those tracks that you know will go off if played to the right crowd. Completing the release is the Emanuele Millozzi & Luke di Lullo Remix, which starts with a kick and hi-hat, adds clacking sounds and a military-style snare, then brings in the acid as the track slowly builds into a tasty chugger with the vocals run through various FX. It's more reserved and less immediate than the original mix, but a good alternative and a worthy addition to the release as a whole.

The original mix of Bassline Riddim wins out for me, but it's a close-run thing because the quality is high throughout.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 7 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Dino Maggiorana, Silent Storm, techno, Emanuele Millozzi & Luke di Lullo