2019 Jul 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Italian producer Dimmish comes to ANOTR's label

Space age house is the name of the game here, as the on-fire No Art label welcomes Dimmish for a package that features two slick originals plus a fantastic remix from label bosses ANOTR.

First up is Twister itself, a deep, funky house groover that starts with a percussive loop featuring a massive thudding kickdrum and closed hi-hats. The track then builds from there with a really punchy bassline, a one-note synth line that adds tension to the proceedings and loads of sci-fi synth sounds that fire off at various times and turn it into a cosmic funkster. There are also a number of breakdowns, which will work great on a dancefloor; then the track plays on until it rather abruptly cuts off. 

Next comes Spacey. Again there's a percussive intro made up of skippy drums and a dancing hi-hat, which is then joined by vocal samples, funky bass and warm enveloping synth tones that give it a futuristic reel. There are two breakdowns, and every now and then the male vocal is answered by a female sample saying “spacey”. Finally there's the ANOTR Remix of Spacey, which has an almost breakbeat drum pattern that's really noticeable in the intro, after which stabbed synth chords take us to a mini-breakdown where the deluxe funky bassline is added and it builds from there. It's a great little rerub that uses the female “spacey” sample more prominently in the mix, and is a bit more laidback than the original.

I have no favourite here: all three pass muster and are capable of sitting pretty in a number of different sets. A solid release that is well worth a listen if you're on the lookout for some semi-cosmic funk!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 July


**UPDATE 12/07/19**
This story has been amended to reflect a change to the EP artwork


Review Score: 8




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