2018 Dec 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Moreno delivers two original cuts, Laesh and Jamal H remix

Foreign Language Records welcome Berlin-based Diego Moreno for a new EP that features two original tracks, plus remixes from Laesh and Jamal H.

First up is the Original of Sandbox itself, which starts with a lead line backed by a snare and hi-hat, and adds a bass slide. Then in comes the kick and the track really starts to gain momentum, with an old school feel that's accentuated by retro drum machine sounds and added crackle. There's a healthy dose of grunting acid playing every now and again, too, which fits this instrumental track perfectly. Next up is Bend, a quirky offering from the outset with more old school drum sounds and odd fluttering noises, bleeps, a stabbed lo-fi synth riff and an arpeggiated riff – a proper little groover, this one.

The first of the two remixes is Jamal H’s rerub of Sandbox, which begins with a kick, hi-hat and bleep, then builds through developing percussion into another proper little groover with a funky bassline, fast claps, crisp hi-hats and a driving rhythm that plays for nearly six and a half minutes. Finally we have the Laesh Remix of Bend, which kicks off with deep tom-toms, old school snare hits and tizzy hi-hats, then adds claps and, eventually, a great arpeggiated synth lead. Later on there are some organ stabs as well, and the track sounds fantastic.

My favourite is the last track but all four are well tasty, making this a release that's well worth a listen.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 17 December


Review Score: 8




Tags: Diego Morena, Foreign Language Records, Laesh, Jamal H, tech house, tech-house