2017 Feb 14     
2 Bit Thugs

The brotherly duo serve up three sample-heavy, breakbeat-based house cuts

This house EP comes to you from the ever on-form Lapsus Music, who have been releasing some real gems of late. This latest release is a perfect case in point. It was penned by Italy's Di Chiara Brothers, who have gone out of their way to come up with three original-sounding, breakbeat-laden cuts.

First up is Backing In Back itself, which starts with a thudding kickdrum, brings in subtle vocal chants, then hits you full-on with some crazy sampled vocals, intense synth stabs, mad percussion and a funky frenetic bassline. It's quite a minimal track but sounds great as the samples are really a great hook.

Next up is Make It, which again features some crazy-assed vocal samples and a breakbeat backing track, which also sounds sampled and adds to the madness. There's another funky bassline, and loads of snare hits that give it a real edge. Then finally you have Treacker, which again is a minimal cut with more vocals and drums sampled to devastating effect. There are some added booms and other synth sounds, but it's mainly made up of the samples and again sounds great for it.

All three tracks are original-sounding, with the samples very cleverly cut and pasted in with minimal backbeats so they're at the forefront of each song's soundscape. All three sound innovative and will surely get the people on the floor throwing some mad shapes. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 24 February


Review Score: 9




Tags: Di Chiara Brothers, Lapsus Music, house