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Denon launches Prime range

New array of DJ kit takes aim at Pioneer

2017 Jan 15     
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Prime line-up consists of a turntable, mixer, media player and music management software

Just in time for Winter NAMM 2017, Denon DJ has launched a new range of DJ products under the Prime banner. The Prime range is made up of the VL12 mixer, the X1800 mixer, the SC500 media player and Engine, a software program for managing your library of music files.

The VL12 turntable will retail for around £650, has an S-shaped tonearm and claims to have the highest torque of any DJ turntable currently available at 5kg/cm2. It offers pitch control of +/- 8, 16 and 50%, but apart from a glowing LED ring around the platter that's it as far as fancy features go. There's no key/pitch lock, no reverse play or any other bells and whistles - it's essentially a 1200 clone that's a lot cheaper than buying an SL1200-GR for £1,500!

If the VL-12 sees Denon aiming to steal Technics' thunder, the rest of the range is clearly designed to compete with Pioneer's range of pro-level kit. Nowhere is this clearer than in the launch of Engine, a music management system for keeping track of all your digital music files, setting cue points and so on: it's a direct rival to Pioneer's Rekordbox.

Meanwhile, the SC5000 [main pic, above] is a CDJ-style controller for all your digital music files, along the lines of Pioneer's CDJ-900/CDJ-900NXS. It's got a 7-inch multi-touch display (plus a separate display in the middle of the 8-inch platter, where it'll show cover artwork or your DJ logo), supports dual-layer playback via two separate audio outs, will play all popular file formats from the humble 32kbps MP3 right up to FLAC/ALAC, and has 1x SD and 3x USB slots, a LAN output for connecting up to four players, and eight multi-function trigger pads for looping, slicing and other creative shenanigans. The advanced track search facilities look pretty impressive too, and of all the Prime range, this is the one we're most looking forward to getting our sticky fingers on.

Finally, none of the above are much use without a mixer, so Denon has also introduced the X1800, which has four line/phono channels plus 2x USB ports and MIDI. It also boasts 12 onboard FX, an OLED screen and a choice of crossfader and EQ curves.

All of the above should be available in Q1 2017. For more info, see Denon's own website, or watch the videos below!







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