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Denon introduces the SC5000M Prime

Now with motorised 7-inch vinyl platter

2018 Aug 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Last year's SC5000 Prime gets a turntablist-friendly upgrade

Last year, Denon DJ launched the Prime range, consisting of the SC5000 media player, the X1800 four-channel mixer and the VL12 turntable. And now the company has announced a new addition to the range: the SC5000M Prime.

Like its sibling, the SC5000M features a seven-inch HD multi-touch display, 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs, dual-layer playback with individual audio outs (so you can effectively mix on four decks using just two controllers), eight performance pads, 3x USB and 1x SD slots and support for uncompressed digital file formats.

In fact, the only thing that's changed is that instead of the standard jogwheel, you'll now find a motorised platter with a 7-inch slab of real vinyl sitting on top of it, making for a mixing experience that's far more akin to playing actual records on an actual turntable - as owners of Numark NS7 series or Denon's own DN-S3700, which have previously sported such a platter, would no doubt be happy to attest.

The SC5000M Prime will be available this autumn, with a launch RRP of $1,899 (£1,488 approx). That's the same launch price as the SC5000 had last year, although the current actual street price of the older model (which the M model is designed to complement, not replace) seems to be around £1,299. Check out Kenny Gonzales's take on the new machine below...

For more information, see Denon DJ's own website.





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