2018 Jun 23     
2 Bit Thugs

The Spanish producer delivers two originals while NYC's Joeski takes care of remix business

Next up on Hot Creations are a couple of tracks from award-winning Spanish DJ/producer Dennis Cruz, with a remix from NYC veteran Joeski.

First into the fray is Dennis Cruz’s original mix of the title track. Freaks begins with a percussive loop that's joined by a grungy synth stab and more percussion, then builds with more quirky sounds and a spoken male lyric. Together, they make up a compelling tech-houser that's quite minimal but has rich production and a very danceable beat. Next up is Mother F*cker, which again starts with a off-kilter percussive loop and develops slowly with the addition of snare rolls, fast robotic claps and the vocals, then a solid bassline. It all gels nicely to create another quality tech tune. Finally you have the Joeski Remix of Freaks, which starts with a kick and bass tones that are joined by a swung hi-hat pattern, vocodered vocals and various odd sounds like buzzing noises and whooshes. On paper it sounds a bit odd but in reality it sounds great.

My personal favourite here is the original of Freaks, but all three tracks are at the cutting edge of minimal tech-house, and as the title suggests this EP should get the crowd freaking out on the dancefloor. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 22 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Dennis Cruz, Joeski, Hot Creations, tech house, tech-house