2020 Feb 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The Russian producer supplies two original cuts, Micha Mischer and Anna Cavazos take care of remix duties

A native of Krasnodar, Russia, Slipchenko Alexandr has released music on labels including Delve Deeper, Deep Clicks, DeepWit, Deep Silence and True Deep. Anyone else spotting a theme there? And now he comes to Newcastle's Deep Site Recordings with this four-track EP made up of two original tracks and two remixes.

In its Original form, Reckoning is a chuggy, mid-paced deep houser with a throbbing bassline and snatches of soulful, near-falsetto vox. First up to the remix plate is Germany's Micha Mischer: his take is a smoother, mellower ride with bird/nature sounds, sweeping pads and some truly bass. Then it's over to Anna Cavazos out of NYC, who strips things right back, and in doing so edges us closer to deep tech territory. Completing the EP is the other original, Starfall, an ever-so-slightly pacier cut with echoes of classic west coast deepness.

Picking favourites is a bit arbitrary here cos all four tracks/mixes are quality, but if pushed I'd plump for the Original of Reckoning, with Cavazos's techier refix a close second and the other two just a hair's breadth behind…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Deeperteque, Deep Site Recordings, Micha Mischer, Anna Cavazos