2019 Nov 03     
2 Bit Thugs

House, techno and tech-house lovers are all catered for here

First out on Deepear's Freak Me Out EP in 2017, Giving Ground now returns in bumper remix package form, and it's hard to fault either the variety or the value for money on offer.

The Original Mix is up first, an unhurried cut that sits most comfortably under the 'deep tech' umbrella but that has echoes, too, of early Kerri Chandler/Madhouse Records material. After that you get no fewer than six rerubs to choose from so, rattling through them quickly… the Deeper Reconstruction Remix is a deep n' bassy tech-house affair, the BE 33 Remix ploughs a twitchier, microhouse-like furrow, the Coburn Dialect Remix draws heavily on the jazzy end of Detroit techno and features some fine acid squiggles, the X-Vision Remix is a smooth n' dreamy late-night pass, the TshegoTMM VC Mix starts out percussive then drops down into a deeper groove that wouldn't have sounded out of place on labels like Strobe or Movin' back in the day, while for straight-up 'trad-style' deep house dancefloor pleasures, have a word with Vasily Umanets – his remix will sort you right out.

It's the latter two rubs that win out for me, but the EP as a whole makes a fine fist of appealing to various different clubland constituencies, and as such is one to add to your 'must check' list.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 1 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Deepear, Sound Vessel Records, BE 33, Coburn, X-vision, TshegoTMM, Vasily Umanets, deep house, deep tech, tech-house, tech house, deep techno, Detroit techno