2018 Mar 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Available through Qrates, it's the label's first ever vinyl release

Here we have the first ever vinyl release from Russian deep house label Lisztomania, which was set up in 2016 by Igor Gonya. Express Ourselves, which sees Gonya teaming up with Delve Deeper co-owner Dave Platts, is available via Qrates.com, and comes in four mixes.

First up is Platts and Gonya's Original, a midtempo, chugging deep house groove topped with shimmering keys and a spoken male vocal talking about technology, which is then repeatedly chopped and looped so it just says "express ourselves, express ourselves, express ourselves". File under hazy, lazy and thoroughly mesmerising. Next up is the Replika Rexpress Mix, which ditches the tinkling keys in favour of long, evolving synth sweeps and a slightly heavier, druggier feel overall. On the B, the J.Crocker Spatial Recognition Mix strips things back to the most fragile of bare bones - definitely one for post-club play - while finally Chris Korey brings in fresh percussion for his remix and chops and stutters other elements, giving the track a bumpy, deep garage-y feel and making this my pick for dancefloor play.

I'm sure you know how Qrates.com works by now: they take orders in advance and won't actually press this till they have 200. Which will then be it - but luckily there's still time to click here and grab your copy. If you like real deep house, you're unlikely to be disappointed.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: That's kind of up to you...



Review Score: 9




Tags: Igor Gonya, Dave Platts, Lisztomania, Delve Deeper, Chris Korey, J.Crocker, Replika, deep house