2020 Aug 25     
2 Bit Thugs

The two Dutch producers join forces once more, with very fine results

What we have here is the only eighth release from Ricky kk's fledgling Italian label HOUPH, but with the previous seven all coming straight out of the top drawer, deep house lovers should already be expecting good things. They won't be disapppointed here.

The work of two Dutch producers who both have solo careers but collaborate regularly – Dave Mayer from Haarlem, and Kapal from Amsterdam – Keep Going is a trad-style deep house groove that, truth be told, could have come out at any point since about 1995. Rock-solid 4/4s, tizzy hi-hats and a warm, rounded bassline provide the bedrock, atop which sit two different vocals – one a male voice saying "the rhythm… keep going" repeatedly, the other a heavily filtered female snippet – and pads that just don't stop. 

And that's about it: the closest we get to big room drama here is that, round about where you might expect a breakdown, the male vocal snip expands to include the words "deep into the groove" and another voice says "you won't be thinking about your problems". Mix-wise there's not a lot to tell you about either, with the track supplied in simple Original and Instrumental flavas.

So yeah: Keep Going really ain't nothin' but a groove, to coin a phrase. But what a groove it is!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 28 August



Review Score: 9




Tags: Dave Mayer, Kapal, HOUPH, deep house