2019 Sep 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The master returns on Hot Creations, with a little remix help from Carl Cox, Harry Romero and Mendo

Hot Creations release Danny Tenaglia's first solo production in over a decade, and with remixes from Carl Cox, Harry Romero and Mendo it would be fair to say this one's set to fly!

First up is the Paradise Mix, which starts with a rolling drum beat, then introduces bongos and a cowbell. It's a tripped-out aural ride with spacy stereo sound FX and a chugging tribal feel that you just know is going to rock a dancefloor. Next comes the Harry Romero Remix, which is more nuanced and features a saxophone that instantly adds a jazzy, soulful feel, along with old-school clap sounds and the “don’t turn your back” line which is put through an echo delay. 

Then we come to the first of the two Carl Cox mixes. The first thing you notice is the upped tempo, which gives the track a pumped-up feel that adds a new dimension. This mix keeps the "don’t turn your back" vocal sample but really it's all about the bass synth, which turns more acidic as the track develops. The Carl Cox ASW Remix, meanwhile, comes in with another strong bassline and kick and has a distinctly old school, acid house feel which works really well. The vocal line is cut-up here, and used sparsely – to great effect. The final mix from Clarisse Records boss Mendo then steers us back into housier waters, with a lush tropical feel and the return of the tribal ethnic percussion. There are sampled crowd noises, bongos and congas, and the vocal sample plays a big part along with a plethora of other sounds.

I'm not picking a favourite here because all five mixes are straight out of the top drawer. Danny Tenaglia’s return is a tour de force and I can highly recommend it to all.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 September


Review Score: 9




Tags: Danny Tenaglia, Hot Creations, Carl Cox, Harry Romero, Mendo, house