2018 Jan 31     
2 Bit Thugs

The Spanish and Swiss producers join forces to create three tech-house and techno gems

Desolat welcome in the new year in style with this three-track EP, the title track of which features a vocal from Andre Butano.from Andre Butano. Danny Serrano and Mendo are regulars on labels like Moon Harbour and Saved (both individually and together), and for this EP they've dug deep to deliver something really special.

The first track, Ramon Ramon, starts with a wood block, snare and hi-hat, to which are soon added a kickdrum and bassline. Spoken Spanish vocals then slowly emerge, and as the track continues there are bleeps and odd vocal samples, with that simple percussion driving the track ever forward.

The second track, Grush, kicks off with a muted cowbell, galloping percussion and bass, which give it an odd rhythmic feel that's supplemented by mad vocals, fast claps and breakdowns aplenty. There are crazy sounds all over the place, and it's a powerful track all round. Finally you have Confessions, which has deep synth tones, snare shots and repeated male and female vocal samples that give it a slightly erratic feel, helped by bleeps, claps and a one-note bassline. It's very frenetic and quite intense, and is the odd one out as the other two are far more floor-friendly.

My favourite track here is Grush, but it's a close-fought battle with Ramon Ramon as both are really special. As is Confessions, come to that - but in a different way, as it's more out-and-out techno than the first two.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 30 January


Review Score: 9




Tags: Danny Serrano, Mendo, Desolat, tech house, tech-house