2019 Jul 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'All I Do' vocalist lends his vocal cords to this fresh houser that comes in a range of mixes

The latest release from the dream team that is Danny Foster & Rogue is a banging track featuring the vocals of Bryan Chambers. There are a plethora of mixes as well, so the only problem I can see is choosing which one to play.

First up is the original version of So Good, which starts off with a string stab, a percussive groove and an electric piano lick that rises in volume, as does the ultra-funky bassline, which along with the odd Philly-style string stab makes for a great backing track for Bryan Chambers’s smooth, soulful vocal. Next comes the REESE Extended House Mix. This has a different arrangement from the original and features the vocals cut-and-pasted over a piano-led backbeat, which is really nice but could have done with being longer – it only just passes the 4.5 minute long and the accompanying REESE House Mix (a radio edit) is even shorter!

Then we have the Lenny Fontana NYC Dub, which starts with a drum pattern, adds a different piano line and a subtle bassline, and has snippets of the vocal used to very good effect. It'd be great for those who find vocals too much, or just for a warm-up set. Then finally we have the Beave House Mix and the longer Beave Extended House Mix; again the shorter one is for radio so I am going straight for the longer version, a bass house affair with booming bass notes and the vocal put through the FX mangle.

This is a great release, with a range of mixes and a useable dub, so it gets the thumbs up from me! My favourite is the original full vocal, followed by the Lenny Fontana NYC Dub then the Beave Extended House Mix.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 July


Review Score: 8




Tags: Danny Foster, Rogue, Bryan Chambers, Lenny Fontana, REESE, Beave, DeeVu Records, house, vocal house