2016 May 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Something here for house, tech-house and techno lovers alike

Daniel Portman promised to deliver something special to the crew at Enormous Tunes in 2015, and when these tracks landed in their inbox, he had definitely delivered on his promise. They signed all of the tracks without hesitation, and listening to the quality, you can immediately see why.

The title track Rijeka is named after Croatia’s third largest city and features traditional Croatian music and chants throughout, along with swung percussion, funky bass and cow bells. The breakdown sounds a bit Spanish but as Rijeka is a Mediterranean port it's easy to see how influences would flow in all directions.

The second track, Casa Rumba, has the same Mediterranean feel and takes on techy elements with quirky vocal chants, frenetic percussion and sirens, while finally Cahuenga is a full-on techno track with dark synths, epic progressive builds and a number of well-spaced breakdowns.

This isn't a ‘pick a favourite’ kind of package - all three tracks stand up to some serious scrutiny and I can see all three of them being fitted into many of my DJ sets over the coming months. If you like quality party-oriented dance music, this is well worth checking out. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 May



Review Score: 9




Tags: Daniel Portman, Enormous Tunes