2018 Jun 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Brazil's Dakar comes with two originals while MANT and Chance Caspian get busy on the remixes

You have to hand it to Yoshitoshi. They've released a lot of different styles of house music over the years, and when some labels do that you get the feeling they're just jumping from one bandwagon to the next. Never with Yoshitoshi, though. With them, it just feels like they've got eclectic tastes and an ear for a killer tune! 

Dark, Germanic tech-house is the flavour du jour (flavour des Tages?) on this latest offering, which comes from Brazilian producer Dakar. His Original Mix of I Can Feel is a driving, heads-down affair topped with a hint of acid and, in the mid-section, a looping, guttural "I can feel it, can you feel it?" male vocal. MANT's remix starts out a little lighter on its feet than the Original, then goes in hard while throwing in some rave-y sounds to boot, while Chance Caspian's rub leans a little more to the house side of the equation and adds a proggy synth topline. Completing the EP is Different Perspective, another housier cut that's credited to Dakar & Bruce Leroys feat Sophie, the latter supplying the spoken/sung female vocal ("we need a different perspective... it's too normal" that sits atop the track's jaunty percussion and nagging synth riff, with plenty of builds and drops to maintain interest as the track progresses.

Quality stuff, but then from Yoshitoshi we expect nothing less.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 8 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Dakar, MANT, Bruce Leroys, Sophie, MANT, Chance Caspian, Yoshitoshi, tech house, tech-house