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Cristoph announces '8-track' tracklist

Hear the first single 'Closer' here

2016 Jul 30     
2 Bit Thugs

The first album in Knee Deep In Sound's new series will be out in October

A few weeks ago we told you about 8-track, a new album series from Hot Since 82's Knee Deep In Sound label that will see up-and-coming producers asked to demonstrate the breadth of their musical tastes and production skills across, you guessed it, eight tracks. We also told you that the first volume of 8-track would come from Newcastle house producer Cristoph. And now the tracklist for the album has been announced.

The first single from the album will be Closer, which features a soulful vocal from Jinadu married to shuffling, lightly Afro-tinged beats and eerie synths, and which you can hear below. The tracklist for the full album is as follows:

1. Closer (feat Jinadu)
2. Rapture
3. Alone
4. The Enemy Within
5. Supreme Solace
6. Perplexity
7. Absent Mentor
8. Catsy

Cristoph says of the album: "For me personally, taking people on a journey is the fundamental component of underground dance music and that's what I set out to do when I was given this project. From the individual tracks to the continuous mix itself, my 8-track attempts to take the listener on a trip - blending those darker, melodic sounds I have grown to love."






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