2018 Oct 02     
2 Bit Thugs

Costas Demou supplies two originals, Mark Knight takes care of remix duties

Cozzy D debuts on Abode, a label that seems to be going from strength to strength of late with a string of full-on releases that'll get a party started every time. This latest comes with a remix from Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight.

The first track is The Upside Down itself. It starts with a minute-long intro (which for me is a bit too long), then the actual track kicks in, with bells, a funky bassline, pronounced claps and female vocal samples. A track should move many a dancefloor. Next is Legs In The Air, which starts in full swing with a funked-up percussion loop, then pretty swiftly brings in a pumping bassline, a riser or two and a partying crowd sample. It all adds up to a seriously groovy little number that keeps delivering, with echoed female vocal samples and the line "kick your legs in the air" repeated every now and then. The EP's then completed by Mark Knight’s remix of the title track, which gets a groove going from the off, with an ethnic feel to the percussion and repeated female vocal samples to keep the tension levels high. There's a breakdown that gives you a temporary respite from the madness, then on it charges - taking the dancefloor with it.

There are radio edits of all three tracks, but the full-length cuts are a lot more fun and all three are seriously funky dancefloor workouts.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 September


Review Score: 8




Tags: Cozzy D, Abode Records, Mark Knight, Toolroom, house