2018 Jun 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features three originals plus a killer Paco Osuna remix

Miami duo Cocodrills have been on a tear-up of the States for the last six years. This is their second release on Stacey Pullen's Blackflag Recordings, and the tracks give you a real insight to their sound.

First up is the original mix of Battle Rap, a tech-house number which starts with a breakbeat and crowd chatter, then brings in a looping male vocal and a load of sci-fi FX that give it an edgy feel throughout. That's swiftly followed by the Paco Osuna Remix, which is more pacey and intricate, with a booming bassline and loads of percussive loops and scattered vocal samples. It's a real floorfiller, laden with quirkiness and hooks a-plenty, and is by far the most accessible tune on the EP with its odd vocals and relentless backbeat.

Next up is Chemical Reaction. Here, a long intro comprising bleeps, muted percussion, repeated vocal snippets and a snare roll ushers in the main beat of the track, a bass loop that's overlaid with a swung hi-hat pattern and male/female vocal samples. It's pretty minimal and would be great for early doors, terrace plays and the like. Finally you have Bad Boi, a powerhouse of a tune with an electro bassline, synth stabs, whoops and other freaky vocal samples.

This a great release, with two absolute humdingers and the other two tracks being eminently playable as well. Well worth a listen on your next download mission.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 25 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Cocodrills, Blackflag Recordings, Paco Osuna, Stacey Pullen, tech house, tech-house