2017 Dec 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Jeff serves up two techno cuts while Audiojack take care of remix duties

This release is Greek producer CJ Jeff’s first on Yoshitoshi Recordings. The EP consists of two original tracks, plus an Audiojack Remix of the title track.

In its Original form, Pitch Black starts with a swung percussive loop that sets the tone nicely for what's to come: some serious rump-shaking grooves accentuated by a relentless funky bassline, cowbells and synth lines that grow more piercing as the track progresses. It's a textbook case of 'less is more': like a well-wound metronome, once that groove starts it's not stopping.

The second track, Seeking Pleasure, takes its cues from acid house. It's a pounding techno number which jumps right into the fray from the off, with a beefy bassline and cascading sounds to which are added mechanical claps and freaky vocal samples. It locks you in its groove and doesn't let go for the duration of the track as various sounds are added to the relentless backbeat.

Completing the EP, the Audiojack remix of Pitch Black takes a sombre approach and is a flatliner with a tight closed hi-hat leading the charge, joined by a burbling bassline. It's real minimal riposte to the Original, with cut-up, panned vocal samples, skippy percussion and slabs of sound that come in and out.

If I had to pick a favourite here it would be the original of Pitch Black, but it's a closely fought battle as all three mixes are of a high quality. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 December



Review Score: 9




Tags: CJ Jeff, Yoshitoshi, Audiojack, techno