2020 Jan 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Mystery man Geldard serves up a single-track release that's dripping in NJ flava…

 A treat for lovers of trad-style New Jersey garage, as the slightly mysterious Chris Geldard returns to Spain's Motion label with single-tracker that plays musical homage to days of yore while still sounding fresh for 2020.

For the "paying homage" part… well, just listen to that insistent, parping organ groove and the plainitive, one-line male soul/R&B-style vocal. For the "sounding fresh for 2020" part, on the other hand, see a bassline that's far more buzzy and post-junglistic than anything you'd have heard at, say, Zanzibar in the early 90s. That said, you could still beam this record back to that very dancefloor, and it'd still go down a treat!

There's just the one mix, so not much more to say, really… except that if Jersey organ grooves ARE what floats your boat, you need to check for this.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 17 Jan


Review Score: 8




Tags: Chris Geldard, Motion Records, US garage, organs