2016 Apr 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Last year's 'Chopstick In Wonderland EP' gets the remix treatment from some of the UK's finest

A five-track EP here that's likely to find fans among the junglist massive and reggae purists alike.

First out last year, for this release the Chopstick In Wonderland EP gets reworked by a bunch of UK producers. First up is I'm Sure, which - as remixed by South London's King Yoof, at least - is pretty much a straight-up dancehall jam with something of an early 80s Saxon vibe. Chopstick Dubplate's own Aries & Murda then bring us the rollin' ragga jungle vibes of Just The Herbs, with Cheshire Cat telling tales of ganja smuggling. Sticky Joe's remix of Police Officer (note: not the Smiley Culture one!) sees us back in straight reggae territory, before Birmingham lad Jinx's fierce, steppy remix of Troddin' On and Rahmanee's remix of Bounty Hunter, which has an almost 'back to 94' feel, play us out on a D&B tip.

Excellent work all round - if there are any waists in your immediate vicinity that are currently in need of winding up, this'll do the job nicely!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 11 April


Review Score: 9




Tags: D&B, DnB, Drum & bass, drum n' bass, ragga jungle, reggae, dub, dancehall, Chopstick Dubplate, Rahmanee, Jinx, King Yoof