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Check out Japan's best record shops

Short films take you cratedigging in Tokyo and beyond

2016 Dec 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The Tokyo Vinyl project has posted 10 films so far, with more to follow

Japan is famously the world's second biggest market for music (after the US) - quite a feat for such a small country. So have you ever wondered which are Japan's finest retailers of vinyl?

Well, wonder no more, and instead let a new series of short films be your guide. There are 10 films in the Tokyo Vinyl series so far, with plenty more to follow - each visiting a different Japanese record shop to discover what kind of music they stock and what kind of people shop there, from the HMV in Tokyo's bustling Shinuku-ku district to tiny secondhand emporia hidden away in the back streets of Yokohama.

The films' creator, Daisuke Minakami, told iDJ: "Our staff are video directors and producers, and all of us DJ. We all love vinyl, so we’d love to introduce you our favourite vinyl stores in Japan. There are lots of 'vinyl people' in Japan, and there are lots of shops vinyl people need to go to! This is something that we want to tell vinyl lovers all over the world."

You can check out the whole series of films here.





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