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Check out Greg Wilson's NYE livestream

The Hacienda-themed set is now on Soundcloud

2021 Jan 27     
2 Bit Thugs

Greg's first book 'The Discotheque Archives' is on sale now

New Year's Eve saw United We Stream hosting a 24-hour FAC 51: The Hacienda charity livestream in aid of Save The Children, the Frankie Knuckles Foundation and a couple of local Manchester charities, oneGM and PeaceMeal. And now veteran Manchester DJ Greg Wilson has uploaded his set to Soundcloud for the benefit of anyone who missed it.

Greg says of the mix: “All of the tracks featured were from the opening two years of the 90s. I hadn’t set out to do this, but it was very much guided by the opening track I’d chosen, in memory of two irreplaceables we lost that year, DJ icon Andrew Weatherall and Manchester’s own Denise Johnson, both crucial to Primal Scream’s Come Together, which is followed by Weatherall’s mix of Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne, while Denise’s vocals feature on the lesser-known gem Dream Beam by Hypnotone.”

He's been a busy lad of late, Mr Wilson: his first book The Discotheque Archives landed in stores recently, and you can also hear him discussing the book on ditto TV between 5pm and 6pm tomorrow night (Thur 28 Jan). Sign up here to check it out.





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