2016 Nov 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from label co-owner Nuss, Franx and D.R.N.D.Y

If you stop to think about it, the internet's effect on music production has been quite astonishing. This techno release is a case in point: it's the work of a four people on two different continents. Two live in Italy, one in Serbia and the other's thousands of miles away in Argentina; who knows if they've even met?

There are four mixes of Night's Watch to choose from. The Original starts with tough kicks and a closed hi-hat, then introduces a vocoded vocal sample and a booming bassline. The Franx Remix, which follows, is the most accessible of the four, featuring the same vocal sample, handclaps, synth stabs and risers to build tension throughout.

This is followed by an interpretation from Argentina's Nuss, who co-owns the label along with Navi and Wally-M. His rub starts with a side-chained bassline then brings in sizzling hi-hats, low synth blows, an acid house-ish main riff and the same vocal sample, but warped with panned sound effects. Finally you have the Warehouse Remix by Serbia's D.R.N.D.Y, which is more minimal in its approach and has a tech-house vibe to it with added female vocals, whooshing sounds, clangs and full-on risers that end in a crescendo of darkness.

All four mixes are good fun and ever so slightly twisted, and well worthy of playing out. I only wish that I could work out what the vocal sample is saying - to me it sounds like "more cold beef" but I'm sure that can't be right!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 21 November




Review Score: 8




Tags: Charles Navi, Nuss, D.R.N.D.Y, Franx, Homesick Music, Argentina, techno