2020 Aug 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Italian duo come to the Spanish imprint with three tracks ranging from "big room" to "dark room"

This EP from Palermo-based duo C2C Italy, coming on Spanish label The Roost Music, packs three certified floorburners… which is no mean feat when you consider that the three tracks don't sound anything like each other!

Up first is Silence itself, wherein a spoken vocal that appears to be some chap discussing the art of public speeaking ("there's nothing wrong with a bit of silence in a talk, is there? We don't have to fill it with ums and ahs – it can be very powerful") gets chopped up over a chuggy, pulsing backdrop with a vaguely Plastic Dreams-ish feel, with a big descending synth drop thrown in now and then to boost energy levels on the floor. File under "tech-house from the credible side of the street". Marco Musumeci's remix then takes Silence into out-and-out techno territory, starting out all deep and broody but getting darker and harder as it progresses – just add a cavernous 4am warehouse for max impact!

And then finally there's the curveball that is You Spin Me Round, an homage to/cover of the Dead Or Alive classic with the vocal resung, chopped up and placed atop lightly rolling tech-house beats which are counterpointed by a nice hefty, whomp-y bassline. And if you think that sounds cheesy… well, it is, a bit. No denying it. But with that familiar vocal plus an apocalyptic synth riff that's applied admirably sparingly – essentially one burst as each vocal phrase reaches its resolution – it's also damn near irresistible, and it'll transport bodies from the bar to the dancefloor for sure.

With the three cuts varying so dramaticallly in style, there'll be something here for lots of jocks to spin, so check it for yourself!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 20 August


Review Score: 8




Tags: The Roost Music, C2C Italy, Marco Musumeci, tech-house, tech house, techno