2019 Aug 17     
2 Bit Thugs

German duo C.O.L.D present a new alias but the same blistering sound

German hard trance duo C.O.L.D. return to Hyper Reality Records, this time under the alias Iron & Steel. Human Beings has all the right elements – big kicks, throbbing bassline, energetic percussion and lush synths – and comes fully loaded with remixes from Dark Sector and J Rogers.

The Original Mix starts with a fast percussive intro with a great kick, and builds from there until a whooshing sound ushers in the dark, throbbing bass line. A synth melody is then introduced over the backbeat and everything comes together nicely, taking you to a light and musical breakdown with synth melodies and the gradual introduction of harder sounds, ready for the drop back into the main part of the track, which is tough but tempered with sweet, harmonious synths. 

The Dark Sector Remix is harder from the off, with a dull thudding kick and a chunky sidechained bassline over which the melody keeps it sweet and uplifting. There's a huge breakdown with distorted synths and filthy acidic sounds, and again you get the juxtaposition of darkness of the backbeat and the light and airy melodies over the top. It ends with just the bassline playing out and a final cymbal crash. Finally, the J Rogers Aggressed Mix is another fine version with great stereo effects, whooshes, and stuttered synth riff which sounds amazing. The breakdown is a beauty with swirling synths, a breakbeat and acidic sounds that sound intense through a big soundsystem.

My advice to hard trance fans is to seek out this release immediately: all three mixes are sure to send crowds crazy.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: C.O.L.D, Iron & Steel, Hyper Reality Records, Dark Sector, J Rogers