2020 Feb 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Nevada's most famous dreadlocked deep house producer goes "back to his roots"

There's no press release as such for this single-track release, just a quote from Mr Browning describing it as "a visit back to my roots".

Exactly what aspect of True Believer qualfies it for that description isn't entirely clear: Bruno's been consistently been turning out quality deep house music for well over a decade now and this, TBH, just sounds like another example thereof… but the man knows his own mind and methods, so who am I to argue? In any event, True Believer is a lively, rolling little deep house groover which comes topped with treated, spoken male vox and, most notably, a sax line that serves as a lead – and that, while it's hard to be sure, certainly sounds like it's been played by a real live, honest-to-God saxophonist (as opposed to cribbed from a sample pack, or programmed in a VST… but I could be wrong).

Not everyone's a fan of saxophone on house records, of course – our own Harold Heath has quite strong views on the subject. But assuming you're NOT allergic to the bendy brass clarinet, then this is well worth checking.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 February


Review Score: 8




Tags: Bruno Browning, Soulsupplment Records, deep house