2018 Apr 11     
2 Bit Thugs

London producer Gould provides two originals while Huxley takes care of remix duties

After mixing The Best Of Snatch! for Riva Starr in December, it seems Brett Gould can do no wrong right now - with the signing of his latest productions to Idris Elba’s 7Wallace imprint, he's definitely on a roll. This EP features two original tracks, Get Down and Late Night, plus a Huxley remix of the latter.

Get Down itself is up first. An industrial-sounding kick ushers in the rest of the percussion, which has a swung beat  augmented by some sci-fi synth risers and a vocal that gives way to a dubby deep bassline, answered with deep synth tones, that drops in volume for where the vocals come back in over the top. It's a real powerhouse of a track and you can see why Elba personally chose it to sign.

Next up is the original of Late Night, which kicks off with a kick and scratched effects. Then, after a long snare roll, it brings in another distinctive bassline and a speech about the beginnings of house, mixed in with sci-fi effects galore. The effect is to make you want to lose it out on the floor. The Huxley Remix starts minimally with a cowbell and a clap, then brings in the kick and hi-hat, with a one-note bassline and the vocal sample cut up and interspersed throughout with synth stabs. It's another dancefloor groover but more dubby than the original.

All three are strong enough to be the lead track, and this is one high-quality package that I for one will be hammering for the foreseeable future.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: Brett Gould, 7Wallace, Idris Elba, Snatch!