2018 Aug 06     
2 Bit Thugs

This one's sure to divide opinion, but Danny Slade is surprised to find himself in the 'yes' camp...

Dutch DJ/producer Boris Smith and Amsterdam-based Mia More have joined forces in the studio and, with the help of a cheeky sample, come up with a summer piano house anthem. It's a record that's going to wind a lot of people up - and I must admit I was slightly outraged at first myself - because they've taken the piano and strings from one of the all-time house classics, Alison Limerick’s Where Love Lives, and made a track around them with a different vocal and backbeat. But then I calmed down, actually listened to the track and decided it doesn’t really matter.

Let's face it, house music was always about sampling other tracks and making new records out of the borrowed bits. In fact, some of the best tracks ever made have sampled other well-known tracks - and so what, as long as the result is a good one? Yes, the 'borrowed' hook is a massive part of the tune here, but there's also a cool fresh vocal, different risers and drum programming - and as the original came out in the early 90s a lot of younger audiences may never have even heard it, so this may reignite the flames.

An instrumental and an edit are included, but it's the main vocal mix that really works for me, and whatever the purists say it will no doubt be a huge hit, this summer and onwards. As for the original track, that's already made it into house music’s hall of fame - so I say "no harm, no foul"!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 3 August



Review Score: 7




Tags: Boris Smith, Mia More, Boris Smith Records, Alison Limerick, Where Love Lives sample