2019 May 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Berlin-based Italian Riccardo Paffetti delivers the goods for Kerri Chandler's label

Since making his production debut back in 2013 Riccardo Paffetti AKA Black Loops has built an outstanding reputation in house circles. Here, he delivers a four-track EP entitled JAH Love.

JAH Love itself is up first and opens with a 4/4 drum intro that's joined by a punchy bassline and organ chords, then gets a nice little groove going with a simple dubby, echoed guitar riff which is later joined by trumpets, odd background sounds and female vocal chants. Your Mind, which follows, begins with a solid kick, adds keyboard stabs and a mildly acidic bassline, and then builds with layers of percussion into a nifty little groover with female vocal chants and a bass tone that gets better as the song progresses. 

Track three is titled NYC Dirty Talks and comes straight at you with tough drums, a clickety-click hi-hat, a funky bass loop, synths and choppy wah-wah guitar or synth (it's hard to tell but sounds great!), then adds male spoken vocals and a simple acid line, with great results. Silly Acid again starts with defined percussion, then brings in an electric piano which goes a little crazy. A punchy 303 makes a small appearance as well. There's a one-note string line, and then the acid is let fly in a quite subtle way, so that it has a presence but never overtakes the other sounds.

This EP is all about subtlety of musical sounds: it's going to sound great on a decent club soundsystem and the attention to detail is very impressive. I don’t have a favourite but look forward to hearing all of them played good and loud.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 17 May


Review Score: 8




Tags: Black Loops, Riccardo Paffetti, Madhouse Records, house