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Better Lost Than Stupid announce debut album

Buttrich, Squillace and Tanzmann join forces

2019 Aug 16     
2 Bit Thugs

The trio's debut long-player 'Wild Slide' is out on Skint on 13 September

Skint Records have announced the release of Wild Slide, the debut album from Better Lost Than Stupid – better known as techno/tech-house titans Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann.

Wild Slide follows (and includes) well-received recent singles The Sky Is Too Low, Inside and Back From The Desert, and is described as combining "synth-pop, electronica, indie-rock and downtempo with the kind of euphoric techno they're individually known for".

The album was largely written, recorded and produced at Buttrich's studio in Barcelona, with contributors including Jonathan Illel, Theo Altieri, Amber Van Day and Alex Naza. Since the album was completed, the trio have played their first live sets at Heart Ibiza and The Steelyard, London.

The full tracklist is as follows:

Boys & Girls
The Sky Is Too Low
Without The Feeling
(ft Chaney)
Right Now (ft Chaney)
Harder Than Gold
Overboard (ft Chaney)
Back From The Desert (ft Nathan Daisy)
Wild Slide (ft Chaney)

Pic: Andre Pattenden





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