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Better Living DJs remix 'Club Work'

PREMIERE! Their re-rub of Peep This & Monkey Twerk is out next week

2017 Nov 30     
2 Bit Thugs

'Club Work' comes on Disco Fries' label Liftoff Recordings

We've got another great track exclusive for you today, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear Better Living DJs' remix of Club Work by the brilliantly named Peep This & Monkey Twerk. It's out next Friday (8 December) on Liftoff Recordings, the label owned and run by New York duo Disco Fries.

Released back in June, the original version of Club Work was a polished, bass-heavy slice of EDM-leaning big room house. For their remix, though, Canadian twosome Better Living DJs - AKA Keith Walton and Kurtis Schultz - take it down a more underground, tech-house flavoured path, stripping the track right back to let the drums do their thing and adding a female vocal line to match the original's male one. The end result is an altogether struttier affair, with something of a G-house feel.

See what you think...


Like that? Then find Better Living DJs and Liftoff Recordings at the links below...

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