2021 Apr 20     
2 Bit Thugs

French producer Arnaud Lavasseur comes to Kenny Ground's tech-house imprint

French mastering engineer Arnaud Levasseur (SFX Mastering, Microdrive) once more dons his Beneath Usual guise and returns to Kenny Ground and Dave Martin's Southpark Records.

Three tracks make up the No Clue EP. First up is Controlled Flow, a shuffling, bottom-heavy deep tech groover with its hefty bass throb doing most of the heavy lifting, augmented by dreamy little synth squiggles and cut-up male vocal microsnips. Then comes No Clue itself, which in comparison to the opener rides slightly more straight-up 4/4s and errs towards the dubby, headnoddin' end of the deep house spectrum – again with cut-up vox and that twitchy feel that's so characteristic of the deep tech sub-genre. And then finally there's Sense, a more mellifluous affair – if prog/melodic jocks were to pick up any tracks on this EP, Sense would be the one, albeit it still sits quite firmly in the deep tech camp. The vocal snips are a bit more extensive here, too.

There's never a huge amount to say about EPs like this one, because the tracks don't really DO a lot. But that's kind of the point with this sort of tackle, and if you're a fan of deep tech generally, you're highly likely to dig the three exemplars contained here, too.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 16 April



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kenny Ground, Dave Martins, Beneath Usual, Arnaud Levasseur, deep house, deep techno, minimal, deep tech