2020 Aug 13     
2 Bit Thugs

UK producer Beckford serves up two contrasting but complementary cuts

The latest from Steve Kelley's Celestial Recordings is this two-tracker from UK producer Beckford.

The two tracks are quite different in style, but still sit together nicely. On the A, Revolution Of Your Mind itself is a deep, dubby house groove, with just the very lightest hint of prog about the synth sounds, and a spoken male vocal that starts off asking "what's all this talk about revolution?" but moves on later to state, "We need a revolution… a revolution of your mind". Very apt for these turbulent times! Flip it for The Voices, a darker, tribal-leaning affair that marries a HUGE rave-style bassline to a man's voice repeating the title over and over.

The two tracks here may lack singalongability and big, obvious hooks, but then that's not what cuts like these are about. They're built, rather, to keep underground house floors grooving along through till dawn – and either one will serve you in that quest admirably.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 August



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Tags: Beckford, Celestial Recordings, Steve Kelley, house, deep house, tribal