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2017 Jun 14     
2 Bit Thugs

We meet the fast-rising Pan-Pot protegé who's taking the world of techno by storm

Born in Brighton, based in London for many years and now residing in Berlin, BEC (known to her Mum and the taxman as Rebecca Godfrey) is one of the techno scene's fastest rising stars, with several releases on Pan-Pot's Second State label and a packed DJ diary that's seen her touring the Far East already this year, and this week finds representing for Second State at OFF Week in Barcelona. Not bad for someone who only started DJing professionally in 2014!

In honour of the Barcelona show, we thought we should maybe have a quick chat to find about a bit more about this graphic designer turned techno heroine, and BEC thought she should maybe do a mix for you all to to check out by way of saying 'hello'. So without further ado...


As you're relatively 'new', please describe yourself and your music for iDJ readers who don't already know...

"I make and play techno which is energetic, not too dark and usually has an uplifting, melodic element to it."

Tell us a bit about how you first got into dance music generally, and at what point you knew you had to make that leap from 'consumer' to 'producer'?

"I’d been collecting music since a really young age, and at some point it just felt natural to start playing and producing my own. My interest just kept growing and growing, and I felt I needed to make my passion a larger part of my everyday life."

You used to work in design. Do you feel anything you learned in design has helped to inform your music-making (or your DJing) in any way?

"Yes, it’s very similar. I am designing in a digital space, so it helped me to get used to using software in order be creative. My skills in Photoshop and Illustrator easily transformed to Ableton. I feel its a very similar process - often, the same words are even used to describe sound and visuals."

I gather you were touring in Asia earlier this year. How did that go?

"It was great! I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I'd only been to Asia once before and had never experienced the techno scene there. But I was extremely surprised and happy to see an already established and growing scene. One of my highlights was when I played at The Council in Singapore, which is a really cool underground spot where they're interested in showcasing up-and-coming artists."

You've mentioned in previous interviews that you nearly gave up on music, just before it all started to take off. Are you glad you didn't, now?

"So glad! The amount I needed to learn at the beginning was overwhelming, to the point where it felt like I would never be able to accomplish it. After a lot of time and hard work, though, everything seemed to click into place, and now making music is a very natural and relaxing process to me."

You're most closely associated with Pan-Pot's label Second State. How did you come to hook up with them?

"I met Thomas [Benedix] and Tassilo [Ippenberger] when they were playing at a London warehouse event. We instantly got on and chatted about their new label. It felt like the start of a super good relationship with them, so a few months later I moved to Berlin to pursue my career in music."

Any plans to branch out and set up your own label at any point?

"Yes! Definitely in the future. I can’t reveal much yet but I have plans this winter with a new concept that has the potential to grow into a label in the future. Stay posted!"

Do you think techno is in a good place, generally, in 2017? What are the best and worst things about the scene right now?

"I think techno is generally becoming far more commercial. In a way that’s great, because more and more people are getting exposed to this genre of music. But obviously it also comes with negative effects."

If people want to hear you DJing in the next month or two, where can they catch you?

"On 14 June I'm playing at the Second State FACT Off Sonar showcase in Barcelona - I can’t wait! Later in the summer my highlights include Helena Beach Festival in Frankfurt, Club Vaag in Antwerp and of course some nights in Berlin clubs such as Sisyphos, Suicide Circus and Chalet."

Words: Russell Deeks

BEC plays alongside Pan-Pot, Nic Fanciulli and more at FACT Club, Barcelona tonight (14 June), as part of Second State's OFF Week showcase

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