2016 Jul 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The Not Another Music boss supplies three originals which get a remix apiece

This three-track EP is only the fourth release on fledgling Brazilian label Not Another Music, and comes in the form of three original tracks by label co-owner Be Morais plus a remix of each track, respectively by Alex Justino, Sam Pauli and Shades Of Light.

First up is the original mix of Beyond Feelings, a rolling deep houser which starts with a percussion-led intro and a throbbing synth sound which lead to a minimal bassline, then just builds and builds with layers of aural delight. The second track, Beyond Illusions, has a thudding kickdrum-led intro which develops into futuristic, film score-esque synth lines and bleeps, and eventually reaches a crescendo with distorted bass notes and an undecipherable male spoken vocal. Finally for the original mixes there's Beyond What We Have, a more stripped-back affair with serious sci-fi leanings with eerie vocals and soaring synth lines.

The respective remixes are all in a similar vein, insofar as they are all futuristic deep house excursions. The standout remix for me is Sam Pauli’s interpretation of Beyond Illusions, which pares the track right back, with a dark male spoken vocal part and a simple piano line which really gets under your skin. It breaks down to an ethereal section which functions as the main hook of the track, and for my money it's the best cut on the EP.

This release has no pretensions of being peaktime fodder, and it is all the better for that. What you get are six cuts of unpretentious deep brooding futuristic house music without boundaries and that, in this case, is a wonderful thing.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 15 August



Review Score: 9




Tags: Be Morais, deep house, Not Another Music, Alex Justino, Sam Pauli, Ray Of Light