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BBE hit the big 500

Louie Vega and Universal Robot Band team up on special anniversary release

2019 Aug 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Together they've remade boogie classic 'Barely Breaking Even', the record that gave the label its name

BBE Music have announced details of their upcoming 500th release, and it's one lovers of house, disco and boogie won't want to miss.

Coming on sub-label Reptile Dysfunction, BBE's 500th release finds NYC house legend Louie Vega joining forces with two equally legendary New Yorkers from a previous musical generation: Leroy Burgess and Patrick Adams, AKA two-thirds of the Universal Robot Band (third member Greg Carmichael having long left the music industry behind), to re-record their 1982 boogie classic Barely Breaking Even.

The original, of course, inspired the name of BBE Music in the first place. To create this new version, the trio got together in the studio with The Big Apple String Quartet (not to be confused with another late 70s NYC outfit, Big Apple Brass), while Leroy Burgess – who wrote the song – rejigged the melody to match the new, slightly higher tempo, and arranged a brand new horn section to boot.

The finished package, out on 20 October, features a mind-boggling 14 mixes, though essentially you're looking at house, boogie and dub rubs. We've only heard the Louie Vega Boogie Mix Edit so far but if the rest are anywhere near as good, you're in for a treat! You can preorder the full EP or the four-track vinyl release on Bandcamp.






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