2018 Nov 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Austin, Texas resident Barbuto serves up two originals while Loco & Jam remix

This two-track EP from Barbuto, who hails from Texas, comes to you with a remix of the lead track by Loco & Jam, and all three mixes have a driving techno sound that aims to please fans of the dark side.

First is the Original Mix, which starts with a rubbery sound backed by a kick, closed hi-hat and a clap, which are joined by a galloping bassline. Growling synths give it an edgy feel, which is further added to with what sound like distorted guitar notes and various other grungey sounds. There's a lighter topline, and as the track hits a breakdown more of this can be heard, before it's back to the darkness. The Loco & Jam Remix starts with a large echoed kick, an open hi-hat, twisted synth riffs and an ever-present low-end synth grunt. There are lighter moments, like the breakdown with its high-pitched wailing noises, and it's not as dark as the original - but to be honest, both have a lot of murkiness to them. 

The second original, Another Sound, starts with a bassline over a kick and female vocal samples, and has a twisting topline that takes you on a merry dance. Another Sound is a lot lighter than the first track, which makes a refreshing change, and has a slightly progressive feel, helped by the relentless drum pattern that drives it throughout. 

My favourite track is the original mix of Mermaid Serpent, but all three are well produced and well worth checking out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Barbuto, Descend Records, Loco & Jam, techno