2019 Jan 23     
2 Bit Thugs

The fraternal Frenchmen display a deft touch with drums; Egypt's Ampish remixes

It's deep tech all the way on the Paris-born, London-based Brothers’ debut release for the Crossings label, and what's more it comes fully loaded with a great remix from Ampish, making for a very enticing package.

Up first is the Original Mix, which starts off with a snappy percussion loop and a bassline. As the track plays on, there are lots of drum flares which are panned to give them a raw, earthy feel, helped by the fact that the drum beats vary widely. There are bongos, congas, Linn drums, rototoms and a multitude of other sounds that, when added to the big synth riffs, chants and other instrumentation, make for a really interesting mix that sounds great loud.

The Ampish Remix starts with a different bassline, which rises in volume as a disco pad loops in the background, then brings in a nifty little lead that takes you on a journey to the breakdown, which is all warm and uplifting. Like the first mix, this pass features an abundance of drum sounds that give it a real 'sweet and sour' feel. The synth work is all light, while the drums add a little darkness.

My favourite track has to be the Ampish Remix, as to me it sounds more emotive and heartfelt, but both are diverse yet highly danceable to.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 21 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: Badin Brothers, Crossings, Ampish, Housekeeping, deep tech