2019 Apr 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The Australian producer serves up three originals, while Jey Kurmis supplies a remix of the title track

This three-track tech twister comes to you with a Jey Kurmis remix of the title track Destructo, and opens with the Original Mix, which like the rest of the featured tracks has a very individual sound.

Destructo starts with a distorted kickdrum, claps and a closed hi-hat, then adds twisted vocals and dark slabs of sound which are very futuristic sounding, albeit in a dystopian nightmare futurescape kinda way! The track then breaks down to just a female vocal that has been heavily processed and repeats, "The self-destruction sequence has been activated, repeat, the self-destruction sequence has been activated” over and over again. It sure is a dark one but played to the right crowd it will go off big time. Kurmis’s version is more rhythmic, with tizzy hi-hats, a distorted bassline and morphed sounds but for me has a better flow. There's also a siren in play, adding another dimension to its madness. 

Next up is Don’t Fret, a deconstructed track which keeps the quirkiness levels high with with claps, vocal calls and more large sounds roughly arranged into a workable tune. And then finally there's Slip Step, which begins with a muted kick and a clap, then builds via the addition of more freaked-out sounds into a rhythmic cacophony which actually sounds rather nice, to be honest.

This isn't your average-sounding tech-house EP by a long chalk, and its various idiosyncrasies will, I'm sure, satiate the appetites of the more avant garde tune-buyers out there, which is a good thing for more experimental producers the world over and so should be applauded! My choice is the Jey Kurmis remix of Destructo.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 April



Review Score: 8




Tags: ATMA, Repeat After Me, Jey Kurmis, tech house, tech-house