2018 Jul 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Danish house hero Asle returns to his disco roots

DJ/producer Asle (Asle Bjorn) is practically Danish house royalty, with previous releases on labels including Size, Cr2, OFF Recordings, King Street, Toolroom, Whoop!, Phoenix and Yoshitoshi. For this release he's gone back to his disco roots and revitalised personal favourite Reach Out by George Duke, with fantastic results.

First up is the Asle Disco Bias Edit, which is aimed at radio play. It starts with an authentic LinnDrum roll and uses the chorus looped as the main hook - and what a great hook it is, with Fender Rhodes piano licks and choppy funky guitar riffs. He's sped it up to a more suitable BPM and added the odd effect here and there, but that was all it needed to make a future disco cut-up classic. The Asle Disco Bias Remix is where he's got more creative, recreating some of the original riffs and instrumentation and adding an organ line. This version is a full-length workout which comes in at just shy of seven minutes, with the same chorus sample looped up as the main hook. He's also enlisted the services of Defected's Black Legend Project, who've added their own slant with an unconventional percussive intro that leads to a different bassline and lots of different sounds, making for a mix that sounds different and enthralling  

For me The Asle Disco Bias Remix and the Black Legend Project Remix work the best, and depending on your crowd, this track should have them up and grooving with one or the other. There are three other mixes that I haven’t even covered but out of the six I choose the aforementioned.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 20 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Asle, disco:wax, Black Legend Project, disco house