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Arturia releases the Drumbrute

Drum machine added to affordable Brute range

2016 Oct 08     
2 Bit Thugs

There are 17 basic drum sounds that can be manipulated in a huge number of ways

Arturia's latest addition its Brute range of affordable analogue hardware is the Drumbrute, a drum synth with built-in step sequencer.

Drumbrute features 17 basic voices: Kick 1, Kick 2, Snare, Clap, Rim, Claves, Closed Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat, High Conga, Low Conga, High Tom, Low Tom, Cymbal, Reversed Cymbal, Maracas, Tambourine and Zap. But the all-analogue machine lets you sculpt those voices to your heart's content, with 24 parameters that can be tweaked individually.

The machine also features a Steiner-Parker filter with low-pass, high-pass and bypass modes, and a 64-step sequencer that's based on the company's BeatStep Pro. Swing can be applied on a global or per instrument basis, and with further rhythmic/pattern FX tools such as Polyrhythm, Looper, Roller and Accents to play with, the possibilities are endless.

Round the back there are a choice of 12 discrete instrument outputs (if you want to record your drum sounds indvidually) or a Mix output (if you want to record them as one track), plus MIDI in/out, USB and Clock ports and twin 3.5mm/6mm headphone jacks. The unit measures 418x276x40mm, and weighs 2.6kg.

The Drumbrute goes on sale on 17 November, priced €449 (£405 approx). For more info, see Arturia's own website.





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